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tax scholarship with income taxs and san antonio, texas is pushing an extra sales tax to fund prek programs. >> it is a slippery slope for all taxpayers. >> we have a head start program that did not deliver . piling on new taxes on a failed school system is not the way to go. we have had massive increases on public education and the really answer is give all parents coupons and get actability. otherwise more taxes. >> morgan what we have seemed to learn that miling more money into something may not make it better with education. on the flip side of that. part of the reason sales tax is discussed is because money is pulled back for funding on these programs . it is potentially a good investment. prek in san antonio they are looking at prek and make it a more quality pre-k. my favorite is from university of the wisconsin and shows $6700 invested in early education lead toz 48,000 in savings in incarceration and unemployment expense. >> and talk to victoria who has a couple of kids of her own. >> we started prek this week, david. there is a lot of interesting studies sho that show val
on these programs . it is potentially a good investment. prek in san antonio they are looking at prek and make it a more quality pre-k. my favorite is from university of the wisconsin and shows $6700 invested in early education lead toz 48,000 in savings in incarceration and unemployment expense. >> and talk to victoria who has a couple of kids of her own. >> we started prek this week, david. there is a lot of interesting studies sho that show value in preschool education and disporportionately pay a large amount on public education later on in terms of high school and college and you can extend that to incarceration rates. i agree with morgan we should invest in early childhood development. however, what san antonio is doing is looking at a full-day preschool which is versus half day. you are public dollars in day care. i think it is a school and not extending to a full on day care. >> rick, good or bad. >> morgan has it right. you are scoring big with everybody . you got it right, the money is not there because the state and feds pulled back . none of us live in san antonio. it is not being
, the 37-year-old mayor of san antonio, texas. he had this crowd roaring and laughing as he delivered the keynote address here. and it was a stemwinder. abc's john quinones spent the day with him. >> reporter: julian castro spent most of today rehearsing in his hotel room. >> right now, i feel pretty good, relaxed. i'm sure a few minutes before i walk on stage i'll be nervous. >> reporter: for the 37-year-old mayor of san antonio the first hispanic ever chosen to give the keynote, it's been an extraordinary journey. we both grew up in the same neighborhood, i've known him for years. as we walked along the san antonio river, it began to sink it in. the first hispanic ever to give the keynote at a democratic national convention. it's a big deal. >> sure, i'm looking forward to doing it. >> reporter: nervous? >> of course, a little bit. it's a combination of being both very excited and a little bit nervous. >> reporter: so nervous, in fact, the days before his address, castro met with these catholic nuns. >> i wanted to ask you all to say a little prayer for me, because i think i'm going
will be coming up portly but first the keynote address by the mayor of san antonio julian castro right after these messages. >> pelley: ,. [ male announcer ] here's a fun fact: this single scoop of gain gives more freshness than a whole box of this other stuff... and that much freshness is gonna take some getting used to... [ sniffing ] ahh. mmm! [ male announcer ] 'cause it's a lot...'s a lot of freshness. [ sniffing ] get irresistibly fresh with gain. get even more gain at a new lower price! mom's smartphone... dad's tablet... or lauren's smartphone... at&t has a plan built to help make families' lives easier. introducing at&t mobile share. one plan lets you share data on up to 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. add a tablet for only $10 per month. the more data you share, the more you save. at&t. >> schieffer: . >> pelley: back now on its first night of the democratic national convention, here in charlotte, byron pitts has been talking to some of the delegates down on the convention floor, byron. >> reporter: despite the noises and signs,-- the enthusiasm, across the country
to introduce him. he's running for congress in san antonio, up on the ballot in november. >> and, again, this is the postcard of the future, as they like to say, with the changing demographics in this country. but he is the first hispanic keynote speaker at a democratic national convention. a quick thought, donna? >> barbara jordan, 1976, of course, barack obama, 2004, this is an opportunity, once again, to showcase the strong diversity. texas may be a role state to date but we're looking forward to the day when it becomes purple. >> -- for 18 years. >> i want to comment now as we're watching his brother joaquin castro, he's one minute younger. than his brother, and they treat each other very much as older brother/younger brother. he said to me today, the mayor did, that it was his younger brother who kept spurring him on, urging him on. that his younger brother is the dreamer, and that together, as you said, george, they made this incredible loop in their family going to stanford and on to harvard law. let's listen to joaquin. >> today, san antonio is our nation's seventh largest city.
. but san antonio has had a tough couple of years. the census bureau report brought these numbers appeared between 2009 and 2011, unemployment in san antonio went up by more than a full point. needed household income has gone down. you know how tough the economy is. you're leaving a city that has been bearing some of the brunt. can you talk about that? few dispute that the economy is in a world of hurt? whoever's responsibility that is. >> i think every american would say that the economy is not where we wanted to be. but if you look nationally, there is no question that we have had 30 months of private- sector job growth. 4.6 million new jobs that were created during that time. at the same time, if we were to go right now to the archives of the university and pull out the front page headlines from four years ago and look at what was happening at this 0.4 years ago, where we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs. in the month when president obama took office, we lost almost 800,000 jobs that month. there was talk of another depression at that time. whether we are talking about taxes or
puts forward a rising star. the keynote speech from julian castro mayor of san antonio. then first lad michelle obama, making the case in primetime for four more years for the president. >> announcer: from nbc news, "decision 2012." the democratic national convention live from charlotte, north carolina. >>> good evening from charlotte, the arena home to the bobcats. tonight it is noisy and about the democrats. we get our first primetime glimpse of the message they have planned. days after tampa, 63 days until the election and a lot has changed as we said at the top of the broadcast since the days of hope and change, the last democratic convention in '0 #. tonight we hear from a man billed as a rising star, young mayor of san antonio and from a more established star, first lady, michelle obama. our team is in place for all of it including the largest fleet of white house correspondents, current and former. for starters in the booth, tom brokaw, david gregory, savannah guthrie. david, we heard the jimmy carter tribute, ted kennedy tribute, mayor, governor of massachusetts lit up the crow
brother, san antonio mayor cass. as you can imagine this is a very special moment for our family. for each of us, the places we call home shape our character, inform how we see the world and inspire our imagination. julian is a proud texan. for 18 years-- ( cheering ) for 18 years, we shared a small room and big dreams in our neighborhood on the west side of san antonio. our home town say beautiful place, a place of hardworking, humble folks who grind out a living by day and go home and say prayers of thanks to god at night. since becoming mayor in 2009, julian has worked tirelessly to pursue policies that honor the aspirations of the people he represents. i'm proud that my brother has achieved his dream, but i'm even more proud of the work he's done to help others achieve theirs. today, san antonio is our nation's seventh largest city, a city on the rise and looks like america tomorrow. julian is also a dedicated husband to his wife, erica, a public school teacher and a wonderful father to his three-year-old daughter garriana. so, it's with much love and pride that i present to you my bes
presencia policial, el orodor principal serÁ el alcalde de san antonio juliÁn castro, hay un nÚmero rÉcord de delegados lo que equivale a un 13% en su plataforma el lenguaje diame tralmente opuesta sobre el tema de inmigraciÓn, iniciamos nuestra apertura con blanca rosa vilches, adelante blanca. >> buenas noches y precisamente uno de estos lÍderes hispanos que te refieres nidia velÁsquez estÁ dirigiÉndose al foro en pleno, hace apenas de 15 minutos se acaba de aprobar la plataforma para elecciones 2012, no hay euforia como ocurriÓ hace 4 aÑos, por supuesto que hay gran entusiasmo sobre todo porque demÓcratas quieren asegurar al electorado que entiendan claramente la diferencia entre la propuesta que ellos tienen y la propuesta del partido republicano. >> (♪). >> (en inglÉs). >> ya la convenciÓn nacional demÓcrata estÁ oficialmente inaugurada con la presencia de sus 6.000 delegados que hoy mismo tendrÁn que aprobar la plataforma polÍtica que expone la visiÓn del presidente barack obama buscando la reelecciÓn. >> el tema inmigraciÓn es una de las cosas mÁs importantes en
it was four years ago? dean reynolds has today's surprising numbers. and the unlikely road from san antonio to charlotte. the young keynote speaker, mayor of a major city, tells lee cowan about the day he met the president. >> somewhere in the conversation he asked if i was an intern. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: and good evening. on the first night of the convention here in charlotte. today the pentagon said a former navy seal, who was among those who shot osama bin laden, may (no audio) information in a new book. "no easy day" hit bookstores today at number one on the best seller list. the author, who writes under the pen name mark owen is the first member of seal team six to explain what happened in the raid on bin laden's compound in may of last year. owen has done one interview, which will air on "60 minutes" this sunday. tonight we have part of that interview in which owen tells us about the helicopter crash that might have scuttled the mission. in the interview, owen is disguised and his voice has been altered. was the plan
and in the san antonio emergency room with a cut on my eye brow. he gave me the gift of a hard head. he went from there to being the youngest member of the john berk society and coming into my room to smash my joan biaz records because she was on the list. he was complicated, but saying all of that he was mysterious. he grew up to be a trial lawyer turned apple orchardist. part of the madening sibling thing was understanding the control freak nature that my brother had. for example, every year he would send me a box of fruit. the fruit he grew in his gorgeous orchards in washington state. the fruit came with the carl tax where you would get 25 telephone calls before the fruit came, such as, fruit is coming next week, are you going to be home? this is said in a texas accent. i would say i don't know. he said you have to be there because they are my pears and precious and have to put them in the refrigerator the minute you come in. i learned to say okay. then the fruit would come and it would be wrapped like a bomb or something, each fruit, each pear. these gorgeous asian pears had sty row foam soc
que seguir apoyando al presidente barack obama, también el alcalde de san antonio julián castro presnetó a la primera dama michelle obama, luis mejid con lo más destacado adelante >>> buenas noches, maría elena salinas, en un ambiente de fiesta, los demócratas se reunieron para recuperar el entusiasmo de hace años, y para decirle a los hispanos que el presidete barack obama merece ser reelector. >>> abrieron la convención para pedir que se aumenta el impuesto a los ricos, para buscar la reforma migratoria, en polos opuestos, la diferencia no podía ser más grande, bill richardson dice lo siguiente. >>> que vean al partido republicano, al gobernador mitt romney que cierra las puertas, a todo lo que queremos en este país. >>> un doble ejemplo con el sueño americano marcó esto, joaquín castro presentó a su hermano gemelo, el alcalde de san antonio julián castro. >>> hace 4 años estados unidos estuvo al borde de una depresión, el presidente tomó acción y ahora hemos visto 4,5 millones de nuevos empleos, ahora tenemos que hacer una elección, un país donde la clase
ç and we'll bailiff you tt with -- bring you that with other speeds. >san antonio mayor julio castro plus other major speeches tonight. on-line you can find our 24 hour live stream coverage events inside and outside the hall. >> ifill: let's get started right down to the floor to ray suarez who will be with us tonight and the rest of the conventions. ray suare. >> suarez: we will hear from senate majority leader harry reid of november and house minority leader nancy pelosi of california. later on there will be video tributes, the first to fermenter president jimmy carter and one to the late senator edward kennedy of massachusetts. and of course much later tonight as judy mentioned, the keynote from the 37 year old mayor of san antonio texas, hoolian julit trocastroand michelle obama, tht lady of the united states. >> woodruff: mark shields and draifd brooks were with us last weak in tampa and they are here with us in charlotte. what does this line up tonight say to you what the democrats, what barack obama wants to accomplish. >> michelle obama isç obviously the mostç interesting o
of all i came from a house in san antonio, south texas of big opinions. my father was a kind of district attorney without portfolio. other jewish fathers play golf. >> this is a jewish district attorney. >> originally from mexico. his whole passion in life is corruption. the family own add discount store. that wasn't where his heart would you say. he was running this family business and his heart was exposing theing bad guy. for a reporter it became the most fantastic training ground. at dinner my father would talk non stop, the mayor is a crook, the senator is a crook, i am going to get that guy. he would have campaigns, whistle blowers, he had stocking bag stuffers. there was an extrodinary house, lucky house, very grateful for all of that who is hilariously funny. he is holder sister, anita brenner was older, worked in the "new york times" in the 1930s. there are many pictures of anita in those family scrapbooks. unfortunately my father hated his older sister, rather than getting to have wonderful times of gertrudestein in mexico, all i heard was she is a monster. they didn't speak.
unknown mayor from texas, san antonio. what's this about? >> reporter: yes, san antonio mayor julian castro. not a lot of people know about him but he takes to the national stage tonight. he is 37 years old. he's a rising star in the democratic party and will be the first latino to deliver a keynote address at the democratic national convention. here's what he had to say. >> immigration, education, healthcare, and any number of issues, he has been a very effective advocate for the latino community. >> reporter: people are already starting to draw some parallels between obama's speech in 2004 when people didn't necessarily know so much about the state senator and how this is going to be a similar setting for the san antonio mayor. he has some big shoes to film tonight. >> that's interesting. addition to castro, people are waiting for the first lady, mall -- michelle obama. she is supposed toew? stick to a more positive message. the president, though, made mention of his wife's speech when he was campaigning earlier today in virginia. take a listen. >> whatever i say here today, it's g
...esta noche la primera dama michelle obama y el alcalde latino de san antonio fueron los oradores pirncipale s. fernando pizarro con los detalles...fernando.. adelante..muy buenas noches, el humano del presidente obama presentado por la primera dama y un politico hispano para el futuro fueron los elementos centrales de este martes. la congresista de la florida y presidenta del comite nacional democrata debbie wasserman schultz dio por inaugurada la convencion democrata este martes. (17:00:42) pero fue la primera dama quien en la presentacion estelar, quiso pintar 1 imagen humana de su marido. el alcalde de san antonio, julian castro, considerado por los democratas como 1 politico promisorio, dio el discurso principal de la convencion. julian castro, alcalde de san antonio mitt romney ha pasado por una transformacion. y nosotros le diremos que no en noviembre. 6 millones de mujeres, de un total de 12 millones de latinos votaran este noviembre . melissa san miguel, delegada de california los temas que estan impactando a las jovenes latinas como seguro de salud, educacion. eso todo importa y es i
. >> [ audible ]. >> this was shot at 10:26 p.m. at a football game in san antonio, texas. so this is the night sky with some stadium lights with some very visible lights in the middle of your screen. >> there's a bunch of other videos on-line of lights in san antonio around that same time. >> really great thing about this video, i have to admit, not just the lights in the sky, the people's reaction. >> check it out dude. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> that's a triangle. >> oh! >> there are two other ones on the other side of the triangles. >> this one is kind of freaky. >> compelling, isn't it? >> the fact that so many people are reacting to it gives it a little more credence than just your average video of a blurry thing. >> what do you think it is? >> since lackland air force base is near san antonio, could it have anything to do with that? >> since these are planes, the triangle could be a plane with a light on its tail and each of its wings. >> plane lights flash. and -- >> all i'm asking for all the people out there who think you see a ufo, give us a frame of reference. take your camera, show
was michelle obama and she talked about her marriage and president obama. first we will hear from san antonio tx mayor pulliam -- julien castro. this part of the democratic convention is 50 minutes. >> thank you. my fellow democrats, my fellow americans, my fellow texans -- [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. my fellow democrats, my fellow americans, my fellow texans -- i stand before you tonight as a young american, a proud american, of degeneration born as the cold war receded, shaped by the tragedy of 9/11, and determined to reelect the man who will make the 21st century another american century, president barack obama. [applause] the unlike the journey that brought me here tonight began many miles from this podium. my brother and grew up with my mother and my grandmother. my grandmother was an orphan. as a young girl, she had to leave for home in mexico and move to san antonio relatives agreed to take her in. she never made it past the fourth grade, she had to drop out and start working to help with family. my grandmother spent her whole life working as a maid, a cook and a bab
to women voters, the mayor of san antonio spoke in part to hispanic voters, i was talking earlier to congressman from missouri who said that there is simply no single person better equipped to speak to the broad base of the democratic party on behalf of president obama than president clinton and scott, it is no accident when president carter addressed this audience it was by videotape, the campaign wants president clinton, the best of bill clinton live and in living color. >> byron thank you very much, we have special guests up here in the anchor booth tonight. two men who really brought down the house last night, julian and joaquin castro. >> is 33-year-old mayor of san antonio and you may have noticed these men bear a striking resemblance to one another. you came in while we were on the air. i didn't have a chance to say hello so let me ask you gentlemen this question first. which one of you have the mayor? >> i am one minute older at well. >> i am one minute better looking. >> mayor, nice to meet you. >> you are joaquin and you are running for congress. >> that's right. >> from
on a rising star in the democratic party. we're talking about san antonio julian castro following in the footsteps of bill clinton and barack obama, hoping he'll appeal to the growing latino population. here's a look at the man and the mission that he's facing. >> it's been my pleasure to serve as mayor. >> reporter: meet julian castro, popular latino mayor of san antonio, texas, and a darling of the democratic base who will deliver the keynote speech at the national convention in charlotte. democrats have a long tradition of rolling out the party's rising stars for such an honor. >> the keynote speech is to set the tone for the entire convention. >> we will have a new president of the united states. a democrat born not to the blood of kings but to the blood of pioneers and immigrants. >> bill clinton gave the keynote speech. barack obama has given a keynote speech. i'm julian castro. >> reporter: castro knows the burden is on him to appeal to latinos as well as inspire a broader audience of voters. >> the choice that we have to make in this election is whether to continue to inve
, reconocen que fue ella quién les inulcó lo social. >> por la familia pero también para san antonio. también para los estados unidos que ya conocen la importancia del voto latino. >> y julián entiende la importancia de su discurso. >> esto crea una presion mayor para usted porque hay altas expectativas. >> bueno, es muy halagador que me comparen con el presidente obama. hay expectativas pero me enfoco en hacer un buen papel y que mi discurso sea de las oportunidades para todos en los estados unidos. si lo logro el resto tomará su curso. >> por cierto será su hermano gemelo quién presente al alcalde para ambos claro, después hablará la primera dama quién tendrá la difícil labor que su esposo merece una segunda oportunidad, por el momento es todo y esta noche tendrémos lo más destacado de la noche, buenas noches, hasta pronto. >> gracias y buenas noches, y temrinamos con esto. el transbordador endevor dará su último viaje pero por las calles. su último viaje será de solo 12 millas el 12 de octubre. la idea es llevarlo al centro de ciencias de california. el problema es que pesa
sent per minute. . >> before the first lady, we heard from san antonio mayor julian astro, a rising star in the party and the first a tino to deliver the kooef note address at the democratic national convention. after he was introduced about bihis between brother joaquin, march with a bit of hume al quite simply doesn't get it. few monthings ago he visited a university of high owe and gave students there a little purrial advice. stay in business, he said. borrow money from your observe purpose. >> gee, i wasn't any harm. high just justice no idea how good he's had it. >> the 27-year-old mayor is a graduate of stanford university and harvard will you school. >> when it comes to getting the midd mid when it comes to respecting women's rights, mitt rit any says no. when it comes tos with miss mitt says no. >> when it comes to expanding access, britt saysno! >> actually -- >> actually. actually, mitt romney and now heap says no. gf after it pain appropriation to say to to -- >> we'll talk to san antonio mayor julian castro just ahead on "morning joe." joining us senior plit cool analyst
in the party, san antonio mayor julian castro, who will deliver the keynote address just as obama did eight years ago. also speaking tonight, first lady michelle obama. her job, reach out to women voters of both parties. cnn's edlavendera has a closer look. but, first, dana bash, what are the main priorities that democrats will be pushing tonight? >> reporter: well, democratic officials say the main priority is to remind people that this just isn't just about whether or not they should fire or hire again president obama. it's that it's going to be a choice. and this is really if you talk to any strategist of any party kind of the way you run an incumbent's re-election campaign. that it is a choice between the president and mitt romney. so they'll try to what they say is crystallize that choice between the two men. and they're also going to try to emphasize the fact that as president obama has been doing for months that they believe that the democratic party is the party for the middle class. and also talk about, they say, the accomplishments that they feel that the president hasn't gotten e
start with you. we will see the young san an antonio mayor and he will, according to the democrats, be electric. >> he is making his debut as a national figure tonight. keynote addresses have been steppingstones for politicians in the past. witness barack obama in 2004. this 37-year-old man has been the youngest mayor of any major american city. he is a figure not well known to me. i am interested to hear what he has to say and see if he lives up to the billing. >> they are not downplaying the expectations, but they are raising him. poor mayor castro. what does michelle obama need to do? we talked about how ann romney need to bring us mitt romney, the man. >> i happening she has to do the same thing. martha was talking about with women, michelle has very high approval ratings overall and she's very appealing to the type of women that president obama needs to have turning out for him, which are women who are identify with her role as a working mother before she was in the white house. i think that her story that she always tells of how they both came from these humble beginnings whe
kelley. we are waiting to hear from the keynote speaker, julian castro, mayor of san antonio, texas, as well as the first lady, michelle obama. >> this is a loud, loud arena. so hopefully, you can hear us better. >> i can name that tune in four notes. bill hemmer and markety mccould youan are on the floor. >> reporter: good evening. this arena is electric. the acoustics are outstanding. >> the biggest applause line so far, followed a video tribute for the late senator kennedy from massachusetts. after that, a number of references -- [inaudible], a direct reference to the 18 electoral votes in ohio. the obama team believes that 1 in 18 voters in ohio are connect to the automobile industry. i asked about the michelleobama speech and i was told it was outstanding. ann romney was speaking this night last week in tampa. expect the same tonight from the first lady. >> thank you very much. behind me, governor o'malley is speaking. let's check in. >> we will check in with market a. what do you see on the floor there? >> reporter: lots of enthusiasm. everybody excited for michelle obama's sp
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 715 (some duplicates have been removed)